Goabest - Top 10 Adventure Sports - Goa
Surfing in Goa

Description: There is sun, sand but not much surf for the experienced surfing enthusiast, but there is some surf at Patnem beach and sometimes at Palolem beach. The wave is tiny and not consistent. You may find only a handful of surfers around. The wave at top is 3 feet on the look and quite chilled out. It's a perfect long board wave, but a mini-mal for fish would also give a lot of fun. It's a tropical environment, the sea is warm, accommodation is in beach huts on the beach and of course there is cheap and tasty Indian food.Wave: 3 feet at best, 2 feet is more common. Breaking waves appear about 3 times a week. The rides are short. It's a beach break and various peaks appear and move with the tide. Patnem has the most consistent wave, but sometimes it's better at Palolem.


Parasailing in Goa

Taj ResidencyDescription: Imagine being whisked by a motorboat at very high speed, when your legs barely touch the waters in vain attempt to find a holding as you soar in air and the sail behind you tugs with full force of gushing winds. That is Parasailing adventure for you. It is a high adrenalin pumping adventure which leaves one breathless with excitement and thrill. The 350 feet rope pulls the parasailor with full force as the motor boat zooms into the sea. The sailor and his harness are firmly attached to the sail, which takes cue from the speed and takes off on the wings of gushing wind. Dona Paula, Majorda and Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute Colva and Vagator beaches provide the facility for the sport, which is a bit costly, but the experience is not to be missed..


Jet Skiing in Goa

The Avenue RegentDescription: The Colva, Calangute, Candolim, Mobor, Miramar, and Rajbaga beaches offer an amusing array of adventure water sports and jet skiing is beyond doubt the most thrilling experience of them all. Normally preferred around winter season, as the waves go easy the instructors and operators on the beach are raring to go with heir life jackets and wet suits. The high adrenalin sport involves towing at high speeds generated by 150 hp engines which drag you on your ski behind the boat. The turns twists and falls are all to be endured at those speeds since only the experts can boast of any sense of direction and vertigo during the ride. Proper training and right gear is available with these operators.


Scuba Diving in Goa

The Avenue RegentDescription:Scuba diving in Goa is a delightful experience. Welcome to the world of underwater delight in Goa. Attractive corals, colored and beautiful, shells and fishes all invite exploration. Adventurous sports like Scuba Diving help you to unearth the underwater treasure of Goa. Underwater visibility in Goa ranges for five meters to ten meters through out the tourist season. The waters in Goa are safe and temperate. The absence of riptide currents makes the waters ideal for beginners.

The major diving sites in Goa are-
1. Grande Island
2. Pigeon Island
3. Agatti Island


Canoeing in Goa

The Avenue RegentDescription: In Goa canoeing activities are done on a large scale. With Goa having a vast coastline it provides a good opportunity for canoeing on the beaches, lakes, rivers, etc. Canoeing in Goa is basically done for recreation and transportation which gives a calm and thrilling experience of the waters and the surroundings with a natural beauty. Canoeing activity is carried out throughout the year in Goa giving a refreshing experience.


Dolphin Sighting in Goa

The Avenue RegentDescription: Dolphin sighting is a popular activity carried out in Goa with a great fun and enthusiasm. All the main rivers of Goa like Mandovi, Zuari, Sal and Chapora offer dolphin sighting. It is also carried out on many of Goa's famous beaches. Cavelossim beach and Varca beach are very famous for dolphin sighting activities. In Goa dolphin sighting trips are mostly carried out in the morning. Goa's scenic beauty and calm climatic atmosphere makes Goa a cool destination for this activity.


Hiking in Goa

The Avenue RegentDescription: Hiking is one of the most important activity carried out in Goa. Hiking expeditions takes one through lush green surroundings and terrains which gives a thrilling and adventurous experience to hikers.There is large demand for hiking in Goa and regular hiking expeditions are organized by various professional organizations. Most of the hiking activities are carried out from the Sahyadris, which pass through regions with natural beauty, waterfalls and dense forests.Hiking in Goa really gives yourself a good adventurous experience.

Snorkeling in Goa

Description: Snorkeling is one of the most popular and most sought after water sport among tourists visiting Goa. Goa's clean and pleasant waters and a good underwater visibility makes it a perfect destination for the snorkelers. There are lot of facilities for snorkeling in Goa with all the required training and equipments provided by the tour organizers and operators. Bat Island and Navy Island in Goa provides one of the best snorkeling facilities.

The major snorkeling sites in Goa are-
1. Grande Island
2. Davy jones
3. Suzy's Wreck
4. Tunnel Shelter Cove
5. Locker Sail Rock


Speed boating in Goa

Description: Speed boats are famous all over the world. The speed and the wind blowing against one's face gives a spine chilling experience. In Goa there are many beaches. This gives an opportunity for speed boating. The tourists coming to Goa are crazy after speed boating. Speed freaks who love to flirt with the water can't resist getting into a speed boat. There are a lot of motorboats in Goa that have a speed of 10 to 15 miles per hour and few with a speed of 30 to 40 miles per hour.


Trekking in Goa

Description: Trekking activities in Goa are carried out with a lot of fun and enthusiasm giving the trekkers a real delight. Trekkking activities in Goa are done mostly along the lush green Sahyadri hills giving calm and thrilling experience for the trekkers. Trekking activities also include trips to the Dudhsagar waterfall, bit of rock climbing and it also involves river crossing sometimes. In Goa there are many private as well as government associations organising such activities very often. These activities are organised as per the age limits with all the training and guidelines provided by the tour operator. Trekking in Goa is a thrilling experience.